Justin Levandoski

My interests span a broad range of topics dealing with large-scale data managment systems. I am currently an Engineering Director at Google working on BigQuery.

Prior to Google, I was a principal engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where I worked on Amazon Aurora, a cloud-native database system. Before that, I was a member of the database group at Microsoft Research, where I worked on main-memory databases, database support for new hardware platforms, transaction processing, and cloud computing. My research was commercialized in a number of Microsoft products, including the SQL Server Hekaton main-memory database engine, Azure CosmosDB, and bing. I was an associate editor for IEEE TKDE and have served as area chair for SIGMOD 2019, SIGMOD 2016 and ICDE 2016.

Modern Main Memory Database Systems

If you are looking for resources that describe the modern main-memory database landscape, please follow the link above. A survey and tutorial slides are available free of charge.
The 2024 Northwest Database Society annual meeting will be held at the Google Kirkland campus on Feb 9, 2024. If you are in the Pacific Northwest and want to meet up to hear interesting talks from regional industry and academic groups, please register to attend!

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